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Monday 22 September 2014

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The eponymous kitten is a plump British shorthair, replete with a Master's degree in Physics from UCL and six year experience nibbling the shoelaces and batting at the trouserlegs of the population at large in order to draw their attention to Science and Engineering. She is now embarking on a PhD at Bristol University, and also offering scientific and technical copywriting and journalism services.

Kitten for Hire

When not wearing her Schrödinger's Kitten hat (complete with cute pointy ears), the kitten is known as Kate Oliver in formal publications, or Scary Boots for unserious work. She specialises in physical sciences and engineering writing, for levels from primary school to graduate. From informal blogs to formal reports, many different styles are offered, in conjunction with technical understanding.

Examples of services offered:


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Rates negotiable, no job too small; some, realistically, are too big. Registered self-employed, a student and in need of the money, she also offers illustration work. Contact here for enquiries. (Send email)

Interesting, humanitarian, or ecological projects may be undertaken pro bono; again, case by case basis. Just get in contact, sketching an outline of what is wanted.

About the Kitten

The Kitten has vari-coloured hair, likes old-school punk, and draws and writes. She is officially a Master of Physics, a Member of the Institute of Physics, and is currently studying nanomaterials at the University of Bristol, combining a fascination with the quantum properties of the world with a desire to make something that does something. This website features her thoughts and scientific explanations; as it was begun some years ago, some have subsequently been found to be wrong or poorly written. She is in the process of correcting these and adding new material, but hopes you will bear with her in the meantime. If you would like to offer compliments, corrections, employment or anything else, she can be contacted by email: (Send email)

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