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Thursday 07 October 2010

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The eponymous kitten is a plump British shorthair, replete with a Masters degree in Physics from University College London. She is keen to nibble the shoelaces and bat at the trouserlegs of the population at large in order to draw their attention to Science, which seems to be largely ignored and uncool.

Her discontent is not least due to the fact that people consider scientists like her as people not to be encouraged, or indeed invited to parties, while they seem very keen on their new shiny plasma TVs and not dying of botulism. So she has found herself this soapbox upon which to mewl loudly about the joys of comparing your ideas to the real world, and to explain some of the more current research which catches her eye. You will hopefully be treated to some of the ideas that modern physics runs on, some talk about science policy, some facts and papers to back up the kitten's babbling, and indeed any other science-related kibble that presents itself as available and juicy-looking enough to be left, half-chewed, on your doorstep.

The kitten has vari-coloured hair, likes old-school punk, draws and writes for whoever will publish her, and is officially a Master of Physics. She gets worked up about causes, goes out less than she would like to, is eternally busy, and has been known to whirl a fire-staff round her head. She lives in North London. If you would like to offer compliments, corrections, employment or anything else, she can be contacted by email: (Send email) .

If you are wondering what the hell qualifies her to write about science, you can check out her experience and previous work.

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